Hugh HefnerHugh Hefner has revealed that John Lennon nearly got beaten up at a party at the Playboy mansion in 1974 for stubbing out a cigarette on a Matisse painting.

Hugh revealed recently: “[John] was separated briefly from his wife Yoko Ono and was in a very bad mood.”

“He was drinking a great deal. He misbehaved a little bit and a couple of my friends took exception to it. He put a cigarette out on a Matisse and one of my friends was going to kick his butt. But he’d been drinking.”

“He was under tremendous pressure. And Lennon was one of my heroes.”

Hugh added that John’s fellow Beatle was also a regular at parties at the house and when asked if either man indulged themselves with Playboy bunnies, he said: “I’d be surprised if they didn’t.”