Heather Mills reportedly believes she’ll receive a £25million financial settlement from Paul McCartney, according to her friends.

A source close to Heather spoke out about the figure after Paul and Heather’s former bodyguard Sean Ghent told the Sunday Mirror he thought between £100million and £200million would be a “fair settlement”.

The source told the Daily Mail that Heather was “furious that people might think she is after this much money”.

“Two hundred million pounds is way off the mark and has never been Heather’s target.”

“The real figure she has in mind is most definitely £25million, no more, no less. Heather is convinced that she and Paul are close to a settlement and agreeing this sum.”

“It is just a matter of time before the paperwork is completed and she walks away a millionaire.”

The couple are expected to finalise the financial aspects of their divorce - and draw up an agreement over custody of their daughter Beatrice - over the next few months.