Keira Knightley has said she’s annoyed with having to constantly defend her appearance and weight.

Keira said recently: “It’s been said that I’m anorexic, which is not true.”

“Do I get upset when they say I’ve got a mental disease? Well it is, isn’t it? A disease - self-inflicted starvation or making yourself vomit or s*** to deprive yourself of food. I don’t think anyone would be particularly pleased about that.”

“So no, no, no. I have never had a problem and I hope never to have one. I’m skinny, but I eat like a normal person.”

She added: “I’ve been told by magazines that they didn’t want to run my picture on the cover because I have ugly lips. Even though I don’t want to care, it does hurt when people talk about you in a bad way.”

“I think a lot of actresses go through this thing of living with gossip and being criticised for the way they look. It’s sick the kind of pressure put on young women in the entertainment industry.”

“I’ve become phobic about the red carpet because you get so scrutinised. All I think is I’ll be in the Top 10 worst-dressed list tomorrow. I try but I’m no good at all that stuff and now I actively avoid parties.”