Peter AndrePeter Andre has revealed he thought he would die when he was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with viral meningitis last month.

He told OK magazine that he spent days drifting in and out of consciousness: “I’d been in hospital for four days and no one knew what was wrong with me and I was just getting worse and worse.”

“I was moved to an isolation room and all they kept doing was test after test. I was petrified.”

“Sometimes I didn’t know what was happening or whether I was awake or asleep. I didn’t know what day it was - it was like being in a nightmare.”

He was released from hospital at the start of May but is still recovering from the illness.

He said: “I’m still so weak and horrible. Everything is so exhausting - walking, having a shower and getting dressed.”

Wife Katie Price, aka glamour model Jordan, added that they’ve had to restrain themselves since he left hospital and not get too close, to avoid endangering their unborn baby: “We haven’t had a proper snog yet because I don’t want to get anything and he doesn’t want to give me anything. So we are being really careful. We’ve just been cuddling and it is so nice just to have Pete back in bed, watching telly. I absolutely love it.”

“This house is not a home without Pete. It’s so quiet without him. He is back and it’s like the house is alive again.”