Lindsay Lohan was arrested and given a DUI citation in the early hours of Saturday morning after her car struck a curb and shrubbery in Los Angeles.

According to a police statement, Lindsay was driving westbound on Sunset Boulevard in her Mercedes around 5.30am when “she lost control of her vehicle”. The car suffered “major damage” and Lindsay was briefly hospitalised at the Century City Hospital for minor chest injuries.

Lindsay and her two passengers had already left the scene - to go to the hospital - by the time the police arrived but reports from eyewitnesses filled in the details and a police spokesperson has said they’d “confident” that they know what happened. No one else was hurt or other cars involved.

At a press conference yesterday afternoon, spokesperson Lt Mitch McCann said: “Due to the ongoing investigation, we cannot reveal what her Blood Alcohol Content was, nor can we reveal if there were narcotics in her blood stream at the time of the accident.”

He added that “a usable amount of an illegal narcotic tentatively identified as cocaine was recovered and booked” but he refused to clarify exactly where the substance was found.

Lindsay has been initially charged with misdemeanor for the driving offense but there is “potential for additional charges” as police continue their investigation into the incident.

Earlier in the evening, Lindsay had been partying at Les Deux in Hollywood, alongside Paris Hilton and James Blunt. As she doesn’t turn 21 until July, Lindsay would not have been legally allowed to drink at the club but could enter the venue as it also serves as a restaurant.