Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

  • Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony co-chaired the Children’s Health Fund Gala Dinner at the Hilton Hotel in New York last night. The couple are set to celebrate their third wedding anniversary next week and Marc seems to have celebrated by gaining some weight - he looks far less manorexic than normal.
  • Also in New York, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are still filming their new movie Revolutionary Road, directed by Kate’s husband Sam Mendes. The couple rocked some great 1950s outfits for the period piece set in post-war Connecticut.
  • Madonna is still making her 30-minute short Filth and Wisdom. She was spotted in directing mode on set at London’s Exmouth Market earlier in the week.
  • Sienna Miller was snapped taking a break from filming Best Times of Our Lives on Tuesday - she spent the day off running errands in London with her dogs, Porgy and Bess.
  • Meanwhile Sienna’s ex, Jude Law, was a guest of honour at the 2007 Formula One Monaco Grand Prix at the weekend.

  • Over in Prague, Angelina Jolie is still in charge of the school run - she was snapped taking eldest son Maddox to school yesterday, with long time bodyguard Mickey Brett keeping an eye on them.
  • In LA, Nicole Richie had to call the police for help after paparazzi snappers got a bit over eager taking pictures of the socialite’s mani-pedi at a beauty parlour.
  • And Paris Hilton used her laptop as a shield on her way to a photo shoot in Hollywood yesterday.
  • Finally, Ashlee Simpson seems to be getting fashion inspiration from her big sister Jessica Simpson - more knee high socks and shorts. Unlike the last two times we’ve seen this look on celebs, Ashlee is on her way from a doctor’s appointment and not the gym which obviously means the look is approaching critical mass and within weeks, everyone will be wearing it. Not us though, not us.