Daniel RadcliffeHarry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe has revealed he quite enjoyed filming the boy wizard’s first kiss - once he got over his initial nerves.

In the latest film in the series Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Daniel’s Harry kisses Katie Leung’s character, Cho Chang and speaking at a press conference yesterday, Daniel said: “I think we were both a bit nervous, because we did know that everyone was talking about it and there was the knowledge that this is a highly anticipated scene.”

“But I think after the first few takes it was fine, and we actually started enjoying ourselves.”

Daniel had previously said that the occasion took many takes to get right but he’s now explained that was a misunderstanding: “I meant it was thirty takes spanned over about six different camera set ups.”

“But that’s been misconstrued as meaning that I requested we do thirty takes on the kissing scene, which is a lie.”

Katie, who made her acting debut in the previous film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, added that she enjoyed the scene too: “I’m sure everyone wants to know if he was a good kisser. He definitely was.”

“He fell ill during filming, so the scene kept getting postponed, but we eventually did it and it was really good. It’s a very sweet scene.”