Geri Halliwell has reportedly presented her fellow Spice Girls with £20,000 gold rings to celebrate their reunion - but already the tensions are growing behind the scenes in the girl band.

A source told the Sunday Mirror that Geri specially commissioned the rings for Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm and Emma Bunton. The bands are expensive replicas of rings Geri gave out before the original launch of the band in 1995.

The source said Geri presented her bandmates with the jewellery before the press conference to announce their relaunch last week: “It was a lovely moment. Geri pulled out a bag and handed the other girls a beautifully wrapped package. In each was a box containing a ring.”

“Then Geri made a speech to thank the others for forgiving her and having her back. She pulled back her sleeve and showed that she was already wearing hers. They all shed a tear. It was the moment of reconciliation.”

The five women also received diamond necklaces - thought to be worth up to £50,000 - by comeback-organiser Simon Fuller but other sources have revealed that just days into their formal reunion, the cracks are already starting to appear.

A source told the News of the World: “There are too many egos for them to last more than a tour together. On the outside the girls are pals and everything is fantastic. But behind the scenes the Spice Girls‘ wars have started again - and the egos have landed.”

“Away from the cameras they are niggling away at each other and all vowing to be top dog. They had pledged to be calmer and collected but it is turning into an ego fest.”

The source explained that Melanie Brown had already been backing out of meetings and turning up late for other events: “It was as if she was giving a two-fingered salute to the others. She was also acting crazy, spouting all sorts of stuff, and desperate to show off. It was like, ‘Listen everyone, I’m the craziest person here.’”

But it seems like tensions between Geri and Victoria might be the ultimate downfall. A source told the People newspaper that the women have been accusing each other of using the tour for their own ends.

When the women met up to discuss plans earlier in the month, “Geri shocked Victoria by coming with a whole ‘to do’ list that she insisted must be stuck to, and went on and on about HER own ideas.”

“Victoria reminded Geri that it was her that nearly ruined the Spice’s World Tour in 1998 when she quit all those years ago, but Geri just laughed. Then she angered Victoria by saying her Beckham and Posh Spice images were too different to each other - and would confuse the public.”

“Geri started to taunt Posh by urging her to ‘Come down off your pedestal if it is going to work’. She said she really loves the Spice Girl thing and wants to make it happen, then accused Posh of wanting to relaunch herself to the world with no thought of the others.”

The source added that the main problem is a difference in opinion on what form the comeback should take: “[Victoria] doesn’t want to be prancing and leaping around the stage as they did in the old days. It doesn’t really fit with her image. She thinks that now they are older and three of them are mothers, they should keep things classy to reflect that.”

“But Geri thinks they should make it raw and kitsch. She’s up for leaping around the stage and filling the tour with energy similar to the first time round. Both girls were unwilling to compromise and it got really heated.”

At Thursday’s press conference, the women admitted to having “differences” as “professional women” but a spokesperson for the group insists: “The girls are getting on brilliantly and are agreed on the plans. They are very excited, and really looking forward to the future.”