Peter Andre has said he and wife Katie Price are waiting to get to know their new baby daughter so they can pick a name that will suit her.

Katie, aka glamour model Jordan, had the baby girl by Caesarian at Portland Hospital in London on Friday morning and Peter has since told the Sun: “Everything went smoothly. It was a planned Caesarean because doctors wanted her to come out — and who are we to argue with what they want? Katie overcame her fear of needles.”

“We haven’t decided on a name yet because we want to see what she looks like over the next few days.”

“At the moment I am just calling her ‘baby’. She is already pinked out to the max. I hope she looks like Katie because Junior looked like me when he was born. I feel a bit dazed but so excited.”

Peter added that there was a film crew for their reality show filming the build up to and aftermath of the birth but despite earlier rumours that it would be, the moment itself wasn’t filmed.

The couple already have two sons: five year old Harvey and two year old Junior.