Despite paying for his forthcoming stay in rehab, Kate Moss has reportedly taken steps to ensure she never has to speak to ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty ever again.

Kate had previously been rumoured to have changed the locks at her North London home and changed the number of the mobile phone she used to take to Pete but now according to the Mirror, she’s changed all her mobile and landline numbers to ensure Pete can’t get in touch.

An inside source told the newspaper: “Pete was still phoning up last weekend and in the end it was too much even for Kate.”

“She thought she had made things clear - that he should never get in touch with her again, under any circumstances.”

“She thought it wasn’t necessary to change her phone numbers .. But he failed to get the message so she’s taken drastic action. It’s a pain for her but she’s more adamant than ever about making a clean break.”

“Kate is determined to wipe the slate clean and that means never speaking to him again. Her friends are behind her decision and will support her every inch of the way.”

“She’s spending a lot of time on her own getting her head around things. It’s been difficult but she knows in her heart she’s made the right decision.”

Pete’s loss though may end up being music’s gain: the Babyshambles frontman is said to be putting his emotional energy into work for the band’s next album: “He’s gutted it’s all fallen apart but is focusing on the album to get through things.”