Kate Moss is reportedly on a health kick to get back into supermodel shape since splitting from Pete Doherty earlier last month.

After Pete gave a series of confessional interviews to the Mirror this week, Kate took a private jet to Marbella, Spain to escape the fallout.

A source told the Daily Mail that she’s also taking the time to refocus her life: “It’s not an exaggeration to say Kate’s life is at stake here. Pete’s like a drug to her. It’s as if she’s addicted to him and even though she knows he’s bad news, she can’t help being drawn to him.”

“She’s not just mourning the loss of a boyfriend, it’s the loss of a dream. She really wants another baby and thought Pete would be the dad.”

“[But] now she’s finally kicked him out, she’s come to her senses and realised her life is a mess. It’s like she’s woken up after a nightmare. So she’s on a campaign to sort herself out and get healthy - and everyone is clubbing together to make sure it succeeds.”

“She’s drinking two litres of water a day, having lots of facials and beauty treatments, cutting back massively on the booze and doing her best to get to bed early.”

“That’s unheard of for Kate. She always did whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted and still looked amazing. But something fundamental has changed. You wouldn’t recognise her - she’s even been going to the gym, which you’d never have caught her doing before.”

“The last few weeks have been hard for her. Breaking up with Pete hit her so hard. But every time I see her now, she’s a little bit better, a little bit brighter in the eyes. She’s getting back on form again and it’s great to see.”

“She’s finally woken up and is taking much better care of herself now. She’ll be around for a long time to come - you’ll see.”

But Pete has still not given up on his attempts to woo her back. A source told the paper that he has recorded a special song for her, entitled simply ‘A Song for Kate’ and is sending it out to her in Spain.

A source close to Pete added: “It’s quite obvious that Pete is devastated and is willing to do anything to get Kate back. He was the one who wanted his space initially but he never in his wildest dreams thought Kate would throw him out for good and never speak to him again.”

“He can’t live without her, she’s like a drug to him. He realises now he’s messed up and all he wants is a chance to explain to Kate, but she’s making it clear she doesn’t want anything to do with him.”

“It’s killing him to see photos of her out enjoying herself with her friends and laughing while he’s so miserable. All of these thoughts and feelings have gone into this new song. It’s his way of saying sorry.”