Jessica Simpson has been accused of acting “like a spoiled brat” on the set of her new film Major Movie Star.

An on-set source told the National Enquirer: “Jessica is acting like a spoiled brat. She throws tantrums and gripes about the heat.”

“After a week of having to tolerate her, we’re all ready for her to pack her bags and hit the road.”

“Jessica barely speaks to her co-star Vivica A Fox, and insists on eating by herself in her trailer rather than in the tents set up for the cast and crew! And while Vivica and everyone else walk the set, Jessica has a driver ferry her from one location to the next – even if she only has to walk 100 feet!”

The source added that this week Jessica “went on a loud tirade, screaming at the wardrobe people because her outfit was too hot and she was sweating.”

“She spouted the F-word like a sailor. Her F-bombs were heard practically all over the base. Everyone was mortified.”