Amy Winehouse’s dad is convinced that his famous daughter is on the road to recovery following her drugs overdose last week.

Amy went into in “hiding” with her family at a hotel in Hampshire after collapsing and being rushed to hospital in the early hours of last Wednesday morning.

After dad Mitch had a run in with Amy’s father-in-law Giles Fielder on Friday night, he and Amy are said to have fought at a breakfast over the weekend.

An onlooker told the Daily Mail: “They were talking and then all of a sudden it got really heated and Mitch went mad. He just couldn’t take it any more.

“He told her that she’s ruining everything - her career and more importantly her life. He told her to look at what she was doing to her friends and family.

“It got to the point where they were screaming at each other. Amy told him to butt out - she claimed to know what she was doing. Then at the end, Amy just pushed him out of the way. She kept shouting ‘No’ and ‘Stop it’, running back to her suite in floods of tears.”

Mitch has now returned to his home in Kent and believes that the various (rather animated discussions) over the weekend have helped: “Amy’s going to be fine. She knows she’s been through a terrible ordeal and is on the mend. We have been encouraged, after the initial scare, that she is now getting better and going to be alright.”

Amy’s scheduled gigs with the Rolling Stones this week have been cancelled and her music festival appearances later this month are expected to also be abandoned - but even if Amy beats her demons, Mitch and Amy’s manager are said to be more worried about what impact this week’s incident have on Amy’s longer term career.

A source told the Sun that the pair are worried that Amy may lose her US work visa after being linked to hard drugs: “Amy cracked America with her ‘Back to Black’ album but desperately needs to tour to keep her profile up. Mitch is desperately worried.”