With her Hollywood career possibly on the slide, Lindsay Lohan is reportedly considering turning back to her pop career for the time being.

Lindsay has already released two albums: “Speak” in 2004, which sold around 1.6million records, and “A Litte More Personal” in 2005, selling 600,000. Now according to the New York Daily News, she’s considering going back into the studio to record the third album she owes Universal Music.

A source told the newspaper: “Lindsay loves music. She loves writing songs” - and her recent experiences have given her an emotional well to draw from.

And while her bankability - and insurability - in Hollywood may be on the slide, it’s not such a big risk to make a record: “A record by Lindsay Lohan costs almost nothing to make. She doesn’t need a big band. You just give her some songs and session musicians. And, God knows, she already has name recognition.”

But the source added, don’t expect the new music any time soon: “As much as she wants to make another album, the feeling is she needs to get herself cleaned up. Then we can talk about it.”