Amy WinehouseAmy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil reportedly had a fight in the early hours of yesterday morning that left them both bloodied and bruised.

The couple, who checked out of rehab at the weekend after just days inside, were overheard fighting in their suite at the Sanderson hotel in central London on Thursday morning.

At around 2.30am, said guests, the fight sounded like it had restarted - then Miss Winehouse was seen sprinting down the corridor to the lift, pursued by her badly bleeding husband.

Guests complained about raised voices and the concierge was called to ask the couple to keep it down. However, around 2.30am, guests report that the fight restarted and Amy was seen sprinting down the corridor towards the lift followed by Blake who was bleeding around the face and neck, supposedly with the letter ‘A’ carved into his cheek.

An onlooker, who shared the lift to the reception with the couple, told the Daily Mail: “Amy was in floods of tears. This guy was screaming at her. She was cowering in the corner and I thought he was going to hit her. When the lift door opened, she took off across the lobby at a real pace.”

“He was chasing after her and was about five paces behind by the time she got to the main hotel entrance.”

A second witness added: “Just after 3am, Amy came sprinting out and down the road. She was in a real state of panic. Blake was running after her, but couldn’t catch up.”

“Amy was so hell-bent on getting away from him that she ran into the middle of the street and flagged down a random car that happened to be full of girls. She was saying, ‘Quickly, I have to get in, I have to get away, please help me’. Her voice was breaking, you could tell she was scared.”

“The car drove off at speed and ended up about a mile away at Charing Cross station. Amy got out and went into a 24-hour shop to buy cigarettes.”

“She was looking completely out of her head. Blake ran after the car for a while. He spent the next half hour or so wandering around in a daze with blood over his face, looking in doorways for her, shouting her name out.”

An onlooker at Charing Cross told the Sun: “Her clothes were bloody and she was covered in scratches and bandages. She looked totally out of it. She was covered in blood and her make-up was badly smeared. Her eyes were glazed. It was as though she couldn’t see anyone.”

After they both calmed down, the couple met up again around 4am and slowly walked back to the hotel together.

Later in the day yesterday, the couple were spotted walking around Soho, London arm-in-arm and Amy sent a series of text messages to the Perez Hilton website defending Blake and seemingly explaining the blood.

She said: “Blake is the best man in the world. We would never ever harm each other… I was cutting myself after he found me in our room about to do drugs with a call girl and rightly said I wasn’t good enough for him. I lost it and he saved my life.”

In a second text, she added: “He did not and never has hurt me. He has such a hard time and he so supportive… He is an amazing man who saved my life again and got cut badly for his troubles. All he get’s is horrible stories printed about him and he just keeps quiet, but this is too much. I’ll be alright. I need to fight my man’s corner for him though.”

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