Britney Spears

  • Legal documents from Britney Spears / Kevin Federline’s ongoing custody hearing have revealed that Britney earns an average of $737,868 a month, and Kevin receives around $20,000 of spousal support each month (but only until November). The papers also revealed that Kevin’s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan is asking for $50,000 from Britney to cover Kevin’s costs in the custody battle and that Federline wants to shift the custody arrangement from 50/50 to 70/30 in his favour.
  • Owen Wilson’s former girlfriend has said she was shocked by the actor’s suicide attempt because he seemed “so happy” when they met up last month. Fashion designer Stephanie Conley dated Owen in 2005 and they met up in Italy in July. She has now said of the meeting: “He was on vacation and having such an amazing time. Obviously something has gone very wrong in his personal life since then but he was so happy - I just don’t understand.”