Zac EfronZac Efron has said he can’t see himself making any more High School Musical made-for-TV films - but he’ll take part in a big-screen version if it happens.

Promoting High School Musical 2 in London, Zac said recently that he’ll “hopefully not do any more” HSM sequels for TV but “I’d want to be part [in a big-screen film] because it would be a testimony to its enormous success.”

“I am going to be who I am without High School Musical. I could act, sing and fake my way through a dance. But singing and being in musicals wasn’t what I set out to do. It happened on the way, but I don’t want it to be a major part of my career.”

Zac shows off his vocal talents for the first time in the sequel after his songs in the first film were dubbed by another vocalist, Andrew Seeley: “It was definitely a sore point and disappointing for me not to sing first time round.”

“The fans are really supportive because it wasn’t my voice in the first movie and I didn’t even sing on the first album, although I wanted to.”

“I’ve got more of a raw, untrained voice and [Disney] wanted more of a pop sound.”

“I’ve not taken any lessons [and] it was a challenge, but I have actually been singing all my life.”