Drew Barrymore with Justin LongIt looks like Drew Barrymore’s on-off relationship with director Spike Jonze has come to an end - Drew was snapped “all over” her He’s Just Not that Into You Justin Long in Las Vegas over the weekend.

According to onlookers at the Jet Nightclub, the two were “all over each other, making out the entire time. It was hot and heavy.”

They danced together for a little while but quickly returned to their corner table to continue kissing around 4am.

The pair were first spotted kissing at Chateau Marmont last week and were spotted back in Los Angeles on Monday, dining at a sushi restaurant with friends.

A source close to Drew told People magazine: “the relationship is very new.”

Drew dated Spike earlier in the year and after a brief dalliance with Zach Braff, got back together with Spike earlier in the summer.