Kid RockKid Rock was reportedly questioned by the Las Vegas Police Department last night after allegedly hitting Tommy Lee at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Details of the fight are unclear but an onlooker, rap producer Rich Nice claims the first Mr Pamela Anderson started it: “It looked like Tommy Lee initiated it because Kid Rock was ignoring him. And Tommy Lee kind of antagonized him. And then when Tommy Lee stood up, it looked a little weird, like, ‘Yo, what?”‘

The second Mr Pamela Anderson, Kid then threw the first punch “And then Tommy Lee looked like he was trying to get at him to aggressively retaliate and then Kid Rock hits Tommy Lee again.”

However, the Plain White Ts’ frontman Tom Higginson claims it was less of a fight and more of a grapple: “There were no fists, they were just holding each other, grabbing each other.”

Security at the Palms Hotel, where the event was taking place, had to break up the tussle and both men were ejected from the hotel. The police were called and initially couldn’t locate Kid, but he was then found and questioned. He was formally charged but Tommy could decide to press charges against him in the future.

After the incident, Jamie Foxx took to the stage to present an award and begged: “Stop all this white-on-white violence.”

“Tommy Lee and Kid Rock fighting like black folks - it’s hilarious. Pamela Anderson has got a hard choice to make.”

If security hadn't stepped in, who would have triumphed?
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