If Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are a couple, Rendition director Gavin Hood insists it didn’t happen under his watch.

The couple first met through Reese’s estranged husband Ryan Phillippe several years ago but are said to have got to know each other on the set of their new CIA thriller. However director Gavin has now said that’s not the case.

He told Entertainment Weekly: “To this day, I genuinely don’t know if they’ve had a relationship. But I can promise you that Reese and Jake were never together on the set.”

“All of Jake’s scenes took place in Morocco and all Reece’s in LA. The only time they crossed paths - when the paparazzi caught them - was on the way into a wardrobe fitting.”

“Maybe some chemistry happened as they passed in the parking lot that day - I don’t know.”

“All I can say is that they were absolutely focused when it came to making the movie.”

Reese and Jake are said to have dated earlier this year before splitting in June then reconciling in August.