Britney SpearsBritney Spears has reportedly been banned from the infamous Chateau Marmont hotel after other guests complained about her behaviour.

The hotel’s management have reportedly had complaints about her “acting weird” over the last few months but a recent incident is said to have been the final straw. According to the Sun, Britney was spotted smearing food all over her face while dining in the hotel’s restaurant.

An inside source told the newspaper: “The diners were disgusted. You wouldn’t expect that from a teenager in a fast-food joint. Royalty have dined in this restaurant. Her behaviour was totally unacceptable.”

“Staff at the Chateau have been told she is not welcome. She constantly looked out of it when she came in and the guests began to make noises. The hotel acted before she made a huge scene. No one wants to be banned from staying at the Chateau.”

“If she was trying to make a real go of her comeback then the people who visit the Chateau are the ones who could make it happen.”