David BeckhamDavid Beckham has flown back to Britain after his father suffered a near-fatal heart attack yesterday.

David was spotted looking visible upset at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday evening on his way back to London.

An eyewitness at LAX reports: “He was wearing sunglasses but you could tell he had been crying. He had red marks around his eyes and was clearly in a hurry.”

“David was allowed to go ahead of all the other passengers. He did not have to check-in as normal. I don’t think anyone minded at all. Everyone is just wishing him and his father the best. It was a very sad sight to see.”

Ted Beckham was first taken to Whipps Cross Hospital in London but has now been transfered to a specialist unit. A source close to the family told the Daily Mail: “David is going home to join other members of the family by Ted’s bedside. I don’t think Victoria will be coming as well, but her thoughts are with him.”

David was estranged from Ted until April this year after Ted wrote an unauthorised book about his son three years ago. Victoria flew to Japan earlier in the week for work commitments.