Jessica AlbaComedian Dane Cook has said it was great fun working with Jessica Alba while making their movie Good Luck Chuck because she’s a natural wit.

The Employee of the Month star told Us Weekly recently: “It’s rare to find somebody who has that natural, innate communicability, and, at the same time, is beautiful inside and out. It’s just thrilling and I had that experience with Alba. She’s got quite the sense of humour, that one.”

“Alba came to set and was like, ‘I don’t really care about how this makes me look or how I’m perceived. Let’s just do what’s going to get us the laughs at the end of the day.’ I enjoy the day much more when I’m with somebody who is willing to go for it like she is.”

“Before they even called action, we were already giddy, getting into character and being playful. I come from an improv background, and she hung with me through everything, to the point where she was even catching me off-guard. She can definitely hang, but big, big brat! [pauses] That’s for [her] saying kissing me is like kissing a dummy!”