David Beckham reportedly blames himself for his dad Ted’s heart attack this week.

David returned London from Los Angeles on Wednesday night after Ted was rushed to hospital and underwent emergency surgery.

A source told the News of the World that when he finally reached Ted’s hospital bedside on Thursday, he was consumed with regret: “David feels he is somehow to blame for Ted’s heart attack - even though it’s nobody’s fault.”

“David didn’t ring Ted back a few times when he called. And he cancelled at the last minute when Ted planned to fly to the States and visit David and his family.”

The source added that David told friends: “I cancelled on him so many times. I feel so guilty - I don’t know what to do.”

“He’s drifted away from Ted over the years, but he still loves his dad desperately.”

Victoria Beckham cut short a promotional tour of Japan to fly to London to be with husband David on Thursday: “She’s been a rock for David. She keeps telling him, ‘Don’t blame yourself for this, stop having a guilt trip - it’s not your fault.’”

“The two of them have been sitting in the corridor together and she clasps his hand in hers. David’s like a little lost lamb at the moment.”

Ted is currently being treated at the London Chest Hospital and a source told the People newspaper: “He is getting better and better. He has been eating and getting stronger.”

But David is keen to make sure his dad is definitely on the mend and well looked after before he returns to the US. An additional source told the People: “David wants Ted to have the help of a full-time carer for as long as he wants one.”

“He’s told Ted he will be constantly worried if he thinks his dad isn’t getting the support he needs.”

“The hope is that Ted will be back to full fitness in a couple of months. But David has made a pledge to Ted, offering to pay for full-time care for as long as he needs it.”

David and Ted fell out two years ago after Ted wrote an unauthorised biography about his son but they reconciled again in April this year.