Mark WahlbergMark Wahlberg has revealed he’s thinking of giving up Hollywood to concentrate on raising his family.

Mark, who has two children - four year old daughter Ella and 18 month old son Michael - with girlfriend Rhea Durham, said recently: “I’ve been really focused on me for quite sometime [but my children] are definitely the priority now.”

“I figure I got a few more years to work really hard and then, you know, if I can make a movie every year and a half or something then that would be nice. I don’t want to work forever.”

Mark added that making his new film We Own the Night was difficult because he had to wrench himself away from his family: “It was at a really tough time. I was about to have my second child. I had left shortly after my first child was born to work [too] and that was a very difficult experience.”

The film, which also stars Joaquin Phoenix and Eva Mendes is released in the US next week.