Angelina Jolie has reportedly made the first steps to reconcile with her father Jon Voight after meeting him in New York this weekend.

Angelina stopped speaking to her dad after he said she had “serious mental problems” on Access Hollywood in 2002. However, she made suggestions earlier this year that she was going to try to patch things up with him but as of August, he hadn’t heard anything from her.

According to reports, the Midnight Cowboy star was spotted leaving the Waldorf Astoria hotel yesterday - when Angelina and her family are currently based - and he smiled for the waiting cameras but refused to give any details about why he was there.

An inside source revealed that after years of deadlock, things have started moving slowly between the estranged pair: “Jon wanted to meet the children but that didn’t happen.”

“It was just a one-on-one with Angie but he thinks at least that’s a start.”