Britney Spears may have lost a number of incredibly personal items in a supposed burglary at her Beverly Hills home this weekend.

The star is said to have discovered a break-in at her home in the early hours of Saturday morning after reconciling with her mum Lynne Spears. According to reports, she was initially distraught but has yet to report the incident to the police.

A source told the Sun that Britney is unwilling to get the police involved because of the nature of the items that went missing - sex videos, nude photos and a dominatrix-style outfit: “Britney is beside herself with worry - having your home broken into is bad enough for anybody, but when you’re famous and you have had some pretty personal things taken, it’s ten times worse.”

“These guys went first for all Britney’s personal stuff. They seemed to know in the long run this will be worth far more to them, if they can sell it to the highest bidder.”