Britney Spears is in preparation for a comeback tour according to the owner of the Millenium Dance Studio in North Hollywood.

Britney has been rehearsing at the studio frequently over the last six months but owner Robert Baker has told Us Weekly that she’s kicking it up a notch - and is auditioning back up dancers today.

Baker told the magazine: “Britney’s booked a considerable amount of space and time for the next couple of months, and of course we’re honored and humbled that she’s chosen us again.”

“The tell tale sign for us is her booking space - it’s her typical warm-up behavior for a tour. She’s done it this way before all her tours. It’s a big sign that she’s getting back her focus after all these distractions. The focus is definitely coming back.”

The dancers are both for the tour and for the video for her second comeback single: “I heard but I can’t confirm that it might be the slightly slower song she was thinking about doing for the VMAs. She wants male and females for both.”

The auditions were originally scheduled to take place yesterday but had to be cancelled as Britney had to go to court to request an overnight visit with her sons: “She had a big audition set up, but something came up at the last minute, and she rescheduled for [Friday].”

“Britney is a wonderful person, and has the biggest heart out there. She’s doing good and decent things that people in the public never see. This is what we see as Britney as a client. I think this important to know.”

Britney’s comeback single ‘Gimme More’ is set for official online release in the UK on Monday, with the physical version of the track hitting shops a week later. Her new album ‘Blackout’ will be released in the UK on the 29th October and in the US and Canada the following day.

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