Marianne Faithfull has said developing breast cancer last year made her truly appreciate life - and has also revealed she’s suffering from hepatitis C.

Speaking on This Morning yesterday, she said: “My breast cancer was absolutely minimal. I had the smallest thing you could have.”

“I was really lucky and they found it early. But it is still a frightening experience and it humbled me.”

“I realised how lucky I was to be alive at all and how stupid I had been to be so reckless with my life and my health.”

She added that she discovered about the hepatitis twelve years ago, after possibly contratcing it during her drug taking in the 1970s: “I do not miss the drugs. I suppose it would be nice to have a glass of wine or something but it really would not be good for my health.”

“I have hepatitis C and the worst thing for that is alcohol.”

“I found out about 12 years ago. I was incredibly lucky. I shouldn’t be alive - I know that.”

“Life has become much more precious to me and my health has become much more precious to me.

Hepatitis C can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer if care is not taken by sufferers.