Guy Ritchie has denied rumours that the adoption of son David has put ongoing strain on his marriage to Madonna.

Guy was initially said to be reluctant about the decision to adopt David from Malawi last year but now, with the adoption to be made permanent next month, he can’t imagine life without the two year old boy: “He’s part of the family now.”

“It was a big upheaval for a while as the family got used to having David around but they couldn’t be happier.”

“He has settled in quickly and the whole family adore him. It’s as if he has always been part of the family.”

“We haven’t talked about the adoption for ages - he’s part of us. We don’t talk about it. We haven’t talked about it for the past six months.”

“It was only in the first month when the adoption was going through - since then we’ve all been getting on with our lives and it hasn’t been mentioned. That’s par for the course. He’s part of the family.”

But Guy admitted that, like all married couples, he and Madonna do disagree on some things - for example, her music: “To be honest, I’m not really into pop music. That’s just not my scene. I’m more into Irish folk songs. It’s funny being a Brit and saying that but I think they have a lot of soul. I’m sorry if everyone is shocked I’m not into her music.”