Amy Winehouse has reportedly been banned from the US after her arrest for possession of cannabis in Norway earlier in the month.

According to her dad Mitch Winehouse, Amy was set to fly to the States next week but has now been denied a visa for entry into the country.

Mitch told This Morning yesterday that the problem arose after she mistakenly signed a confession after her arrest in Bergen: Amy insists the drugs didn’t belong to her but signed the Norweigan language form thinking it was just a simple release form: “It didn’t belong to her, it belonged to someone else on the tour. They arrested Blake, Amy and the person who was responsible.”

“They only released them after they signed a form, which they were told was a release form. It was in Norwegian. It was actually a confession, so this is being dealt with now by the Norwegian authorities and the British Consulate because the ramifications of that are that she now can’t get into the States and she was meant to go next week.”

Mitch flew over to be with his daughter after she left police custody and added that she is doing much better than she was over the summer: “She’s not drinking as heavily now but there are other problems.”

“Bulimia is still apparent. She’s put on about a stone but it’s still affecting her health. And there’s substance abuse as well but it’s not as bad as has been reported.”