Paul McCartney is reportedly set to apply for full custody of his daughter with Heather Mills - and she may be questioned by social services - after she admitted earlier in the week that she had contemplated suicide.

Heather made the admission during an interview on GMTV on Wednesday, saying she thought it would protect four year old Beatrice from the press and the public - but now Paul thinks he might need to protect Beatrice from Heather herself.

A source close to Paul told the News of the World: “Paul fears Heather’s lost the plot. Her paranoia risks spinning wildly out of control, which is dangerous for her. He’s deeply worried.”

“Paul’s main concern is Bea’s safety and well-being. Going for full custody is a last resort but he’s really scared for his child. He doesn’t feel he’s got a choice now.”

“And if Heather’s life is at risk, then so is Bea’s. Paul feels he just can’t take the risk any more and wants to know that his daughter is safe and well—and that means being with him.”

“Paul did plead with Heather to consider Bea before she went on these TV shows, but she ignored him. Now he’s deeply concerned their daughter is growing more aware of the public war between them.”

The source added that Paul is particularly worried that Beatrice will pick up on the bitterness and negativity but not understand what’s going on: “She’s so young and vulnerable and he’s very worried about her being psychologically damaged.”

According to the People newspaper, Paul isn’t the only one concerned for Beatrice though: child protection services are set to investigate Heather’s claims and offer her support.

A health visitor explained that they act whenever a mother caring for a child under five mentions suicide: “There is a duty of care. We will investigate the claims that a woman has considered taking her own life and decide whether these claims can be substantiated.”

“If there are grounds for concern we will decide on the next course of action.”

Despite being advised not to by her (now former) publicist and her legal team, Heather has appeared on a number of television news shows this week to talk about the divorce and her treatment in the press.

A source close to Team Mills told the Mail on Sunday that the interviews were a last resort action for Heather: “Heather did the TV interviews because she felt she wasn’t getting anywhere. Talks about the divorce had stalled and she wanted to show him that she could create a media storm if she wanted to.”

“She thought it would force him back to the negotiating table. She thought he would finally cave in, but he didn’t.”

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