Joss Stone has said she’s surprised by the negative reaction to her latest album in Britain.

Earlier in the year, Devon-born Joss was criticised for speaking with a confused American accent at the Brit Awards and even though she insisted it was just because she’d been so busy and surrounded by Americans and not a rejection of her heritage, she feels her home country has now turned its collective back on her.

She said recently: “It’s funny because the only country that hasn’t liked [my album ‘Introducing Joss Stone‘] is my own. It’s just like, ‘Well, thanks guys!’”

“I felt kind of sad about it actually. It’s like coming home and having them be like, ‘Go away, we don’t like you’.”

“It’s the whole country and it’s like they’re mad at me for being in the US.”

“Maybe it’s because I dye my hair, maybe because my accent is messed up. But I’ve got to let it go and get on with my music.”