Paris HiltonParis Hilton’s grandfather Barron Hilton has confirmed earlier rumours that he intends to donate the bulk of his fortune to charity rather leave it to his family.

Paris was reportedly set to inherit a $50million share of the hotelier’s $2.3billion fortune but he announced yesterday that now 97% of his money will go to his father’s charity, the Conrad N Hilton Foundation: $1billion immediately and the remainder on his death.

There will be around $130million left over, which will presumably left to the family - but a source close to the Hilton clan told the New York Daily News that the family won’t be happy with considerably reduced inheritance: “The whole family will be devastated, particularly [Paris’ mom] Kathy.”

“Some of them could be likely to contest the will - it’ll be in the courts longer than Anna Nicole Smith versus J Howard Marshall.”

Conrad Nicholson Hilton started the foundation in 1944 which works to alleviate human suffering around the globe and after his death in 1979, the annual Conrad N Hilton Humanitarian Prize was established, worth $1.5million to the winning organisation.

Paris and her siblings are currently holidaying in Hawaii.