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Rihanna told to cool romance with Chris Brown

RihannaRihanna has reportedly been told to cool down her romance with “very good friendChris Brown by her record company bosses - because they’re worried it’ll interfere with her career.

A source told the Mirror that her label are anxious that falling in love might lessen her professional ambition and make her less likely to engage in promotional work overseas and large scale tours.

The source explained: “Her team feel that their ‘puppy love’ could cause a distraction.”

The pair have repeatedly denied they’re an item - but also repeatedly been spotted kissing at public events.

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Angelina Jolie: we’ll probably start a foster home one day

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie has revealed that she and partner Brad Pitt are considering opening up a children’s home.

The mum of four, who is expecting twins this summer, said recently that she can’t see their family stopping at six children: “I’d like to do it [pregnancy] again.

“We keep thinking, ‘Is there ever going to be a time when we don’t have kids in the house?’”

But, she realises, they can’t keep adding to their family forever and is exploring ways to help more children without adopting them: “Maybe we’ll eventually start a foster home or something.

“We have a clinic that handles children so there are ways of looking after kids without actually physically having them in your home and we’re doing more and more of that.”

Yesterday rumours began to circulate that Angelina had given birth but these stories were later denied by her spokesperson. The babies are due in August.

Cate Blanchett: kids and acting are my fitness routine

Cate BlanchettUnlike some of her Hollywood counterparts, Cate Blanchett insists she doesn’t spend hours in the gym.

The mother of three told Parade magazine recently: “I don’t really exercise that much although I wish I did. Chasing the kids is my fitness routine.”

But her active movie roles also help - like fighting Shia LaBeouf with a “pretty mean sword” in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: “The best weight loss program I ever had was playing playing Elizabeth the Queen [in Elizabeth and Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

“The costumes were very heavy, the hours were long and you’re under a lot of pressure. I dropped more than a few pounds both times I played her.”

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes just wants to dance

madonna and daughter lourdesIt looks like Madonna’s daughter Lourdes may want to follow in her mum’s footsteps - literally.

The 11 year old, known as Lola, has started having dance lessons at the prestigious dance studio Pineapple in London and has made it clearly known that she wants to join her mum on stage as sson as possible.

A source told the Mirror: “Lola is the best in her dance classes and wants to perform a special dance sequence alongside Madonna at the O2 arena.

Madonna thinks Lola is a brilliant dancer and loves the idea, but hubby Guy is less keen.

“He doesn’t want her to become a bratty stage school child.”

Christian Bale: actors aren’t as rich as everyone thinks

Christian BaleBatman star Christian Bale has insists that it’s a wrong to think that all Hollywood stars are wealthy.

Despite starring in American Pyscho in 2000, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin in 2001 and Reign of Fire in 2002, Christian told Details magazine recently that he was on the verge of financial ruin in 2003.

He explained: “I don’t believe that there’s an actor alive who hasn’t been in that position - and in that position many years after people recognise you and have a very wrong impression of what they imagine your life to be like.

“I know absolutely when it was [for me]. [It’s] only going back five years. House repossession - all that.”

He added that he accepted at least one film role purely for the money in order to help pull himself and wife Sibi Blazic out of debt: “I won’t tell what [film] it was, but it was following closely on the heels of [the repossession].

“It ended up that I found a great many experiences from it - but the motivation was completely keeping the head above water.”

Hilary Duff: I don’t mind being seen as the “good girl”

hilary duffHilary Duff has said she doesn’t mind being considered the “good girl” in comparison to her party-hearty Hollywood contemporaries.

She told AOL recently: “I know people think I’m a good girl and I’m not going to fight it and be like, ‘I’m not, I’m bad.’

“I don’t really care that [people] think that [but] I’d rather them think that than think I’m like everyone else.”

She said she’d much rather be like Natalie Portman, who is known more for her career than her private life: “It comes down to that I want people to focus on my work and I want to have my life completely separate from that.

“I love Natalie Portman so much because people don’t look at her as a good girl but they look at her and she’s a respected actress. Who knows what she does in her personal life?”