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Britney Spears sex tape does exist, says her ex Adnan Ghalib

britney spearsBritney Spears‘ ex-boyfling Adnan Ghalib has confirmed he does have a sex tape starring the singer - and he’s willing to sell it.

The much-rumoured tape is believed to have been filmed during the couple’s fling in Britney’s pre-conservatorship days at the start of the year but up until now, it has been just rumours.

However, paparazzo Adnan is now quoted as telling Heat magazine: “There is such a tape, but I won’t discuss prices for hypothetical enquiries.

“Unless there is a locked-in deal, I will go no further.

“I am not interested in selling out any other details about Britney.”

Sources claim the home movie features Britney naked, wearing just her pink wig and speaking in her one-time beloved English accent. The two hour long tape is believed to have been filmed when the couple jetted to Mexico for a short break after her release from hospital in January.

A source close to the star added: “Her lawyers have been working overtime.

“They’ve been told to do whatever it takes to stop the video making it onto the Internet.”

Heather Mills: I’m at peace and in a really good place now

heather millsHeather Mills has said she’s “at peace” with her life, six months after landing a £24.3million divorce settlement from Paul McCartney.

The former model told Hello magazine recently that she’s already spent a lot of the money: “A lot of it has already gone to charity, and I kept some to invest in projects and causes that will make this world a better place.

“It’s been a very, very difficult time, the hardest ever, but I now want the chance to focus on charity and continue my work with the causes I really care about.”

She recently donated more than $1million worth of vegan food to the Hunts Point neighbourhood in New York, where more than half the population live below the poverty line and she added that she hopes to be involved in more projects like that in the US in the future: “When I did Dancing with the Stars, [the US support] was just so amazing.

“I love England and I always will. But you know, it seems like I can really get a lot done in America on the causes I really care about.

“I’m in a really good place at the moment. I’m really at peace. I’ve spent a lot of time healing.”

Lindsay Lohan dedicates album track to girlfriend Sam Ronson

lindsay lohan and sam ronsonLindsay Lohan has reportedly annoyed her record company bosses with a last minute change to the artwork for her new album, Spirit in the Dark.

Lindsay originally asked for a disguised dedication to girlfriend Samantha Ronson to be included in the sleeve notes for the track ‘Problem Solver’ but now that the women have decided to be more open about their relationship, Lindsay wants to refer to her by name instead - meaning all the designs have to be reworked.

A source told the Sun: “Sam has had a huge influence on the record.

“The artwork was finalised before Lindsay had gone public with the relationship, so she concealed the tribute. Now it will name Samantha directly.”

The album, Lindsay’s third studio record, is set for release at the start of November. The two women are currently holidaying together in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico following a weekend in Las Vegas.

Cheryl Cole offered £1million to sign on for next series of the X Factor

cheryl coleCheryl Cole is reportedly being offered £1million - a 100% pay rise - to sign up for next series of The X Factor.

An inside source told the Mirror that the show’s producers, including her fellow judge Simon Cowell, are keen to secure the Girls Aloud star’s participation as soon as possible: “Cheryl has been an instant hit with viewers and contestants.

“She initially signed a one-year deal as she wasn’t sure how she would fare and Simon didn’t want to commit to an unknown quantity. Now he’s desperate to get her for a new series and put pen to paper.

“He realises he will have to fight to keep her as Girls Aloud are in talks to do a US tour. So Simon needs to act fast and get her to sign before she has unavoidable commitments.

“As part of the package there’s talk of involving her in another of Simon’s shows. Cheryl is flattered.”

At the weekend, Cheryl is said to have got enraged at Simon after feeling he pulled rank to have one of her favourite contestants eliminated from the Bootcamp. The series’ live shows start next month.

Britney Spears: I’ll definitely tour next year

britney spearsBritney Spears has confirmed she’s going to tour again next year - her first since her Onyx Hotel Tour in 2004.

Speaking in an interview with New York’s Z100 radio station yesterday morning, she thanked fans for their support over the last year and their response to her new single ‘Womanizer’, which debuted on Friday.

She explained she sees the track as an empowering girl anthem: “It’s a really cool song. I like the fact that it’s so empowering for girls, because it’s basically saying, ‘We know what you’re up to.’ It’s about guys cheating on other girls and stuff and it’s kind of like a girl anthem.”

She added she is planning a tour to accompany her sixth studio album ‘Circus’, which is released in December, and even though the details have yet to be confirmed it will “definitely [be] next year and probably around the world”.

Britney’s last album ‘Blackout’, released during the height of her troubles last year, was accompanied by a handful of shows at clubs in Southern California, under the stage name “the M+Ms”. The performances were criticised for being too short and amateur compared to her previous stage shows.

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Video: The prom scene from High School Musical 3

Ashley Tisdale has released another High School Musical 3 video on YouTube - if she keeps up at this rate, we’ll have seen it all before the film comes out next month!

This is the build up to the prom scene - A Night To Remember.

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