Pete DohertyThe reason for Amy Winehouse’s change of heart regarding her friendship with Pete Doherty may just have become clear: a source has told the Sunday Mirror that the Babyshambles star confessed her fancied her, gave her a kitten and asked for a kiss shortly before Christmas.

The source explained that Amy had invited him to her new flat in Bow, East London for a pre-Christmas get-together and Pete couldn’t resist telling her about his feelings: “Pete has had a thing for Amy for a while. When Pete falls for someone, he gets completely lost in the moment.”

“He said he couldn’t stop himself from telling Amy he fancied her. But he’s upset that he made her cry. Pete said Amy burst into tears when he revealed his feelings and said she was in love with her husband Blake.”

“She asked Pete to leave straight away. He did, but he left the kitten behind. Amy’s friends are now taking care of the kitten while she is on holiday and they’ve called it Lucky.”

The source, claiming to be a friend of Pete’s, added that Amy has since refused to answer Pete’s calls and their planned duet may be in jeopardy: “Pete is desperate to contact her because he wants to do some solo work in 2008 and he wants Amy involved. He has a lot of apologising to do.”