Holly WilloughbyHolly Willoughby has said she’s glad as a TV presenter she isn’t under the same pressure to be super thin as other celebrities.

The (UK) size 12 Dancing on Ice star told the Sunday Mirror recently: “I am the size I am and if I walk down the street I feel normal and slim. I’m not an actress who has to play different roles. I’m a presenter playing me. And me is this size.”

“My hips are my hips and even if I was a size zero they’d be there. I’m hugely critical of myself but I wouldn’t slim down just because someone told me to.”

“It frightens me how obsessed some people are about their weight.”

“Doing dating shows [Holly & Fearne Go Dating and Streetmate] made me realise there is not one perfect woman. Men have different tastes. Some of the guys we spoke to wanted girls with a bum and boobs and for others every woman was too big.”

“There’s no single answer and I’m certainly not going to make myself miserable trying to be something I’m not.”