Britney SpearsJamie Spears was granted temporary control of daughter Britney Spears‘ well-being in an emergency court hearing on Friday.

Jamie and Britney’s friend/advisor Sam Lufti are said to have been involved in a tug of war over the star since she was hospitalised on Thursday but now Commissioner Reva Goetz of Los Angeles Superior Court has decided that Jamie is the most “suitable and qualified person” to look after Britney’s welfare.

Jamie will now have access to Britney’s medical records, be able to talk to doctors about her condition and make decisions regarding her treatment on her behalf. He has also been granted temporary control of her assets including her multiple homes, and has the authority to secure the properties and evict anyone living there.

Most crucially, Jamie has been given the right to request “civil harassment restraining orders” on Britney’s behalf and one is believed to have already been issued against Sam Lufti, although the details of the order will not be known until a hearing on 22nd February.

Jamie and Britney’s mum Lynne Spears are said to have appeared “relieved” when the judge made the ruling but Lufti objected their decision to request legal control: “I object to this. Britney is fully capable of handling her own finances. Her doctors are capable of handling her health care.”

“You’d think in a time like this, the family would be at the hospital taking care of their daughter, rather than fighting for her money. How sad.”

Britney’s 72 hour mental evaluation hold is set to expire in the early hours (local time) of Sunday morning but she is expected to be placed on an involuntary hold for a further 14 days to allow doctors to continue their treatment.