Sienna MillerSienna Miller has reportedly been given an ultimatum by boyfriend Rhys Ifans: marry him or their relationship is over.

According to the Daily Mail, Rhys made the demand during their recent trip in New York and a source told the newspaper: “Rhys is fed up with all the secrecy around their relationship and wants to make it a permanent thing.”

“He has asked Sienna to marry him and it’s the last time he will ask. He wants everyone to know they are officially an item.”

“Sienna has yet to make a decision and Rhys can’t understand why. Sienna’s always trying to avoid the official relationship topic and is happy to keep it a low-profile affair.”

“Rhys has been happy with that but now feels they should decide whether it’s going to be long-term or not.”

A source close to the 26 year old actress added: “She loves Rhys but is reluctant to settle down just yet. She’s been engaged before [to Jude Law] and obviously that ended badly so when she marries, she wants to do it properly and really settle down afterwards, start a family, that sort of thing.”

“But right now she’s doesn’t want to lose the momentum she’s been building up in her career. She thinks if Rhys really is the one for her, he’ll understand that.”

However Sienna does want to leave her glamorous Hollywood lifestyle behind at some point though. She quoted as saying she sees herself living in the country not the capital within a few years: “I am a huge fan [of the English countryside].”

“In 10 years I’d like to be living there, probably have kids, maybe working a bit less.”