Jordan and Peter AndreKatie Price and husband Peter Andre have been criticised by the nanny Katie fired in the course of the reality series, The Baby Diaries.

Becky Gauld received £4000 compensation in an industrial tribunal over the firing last month and now she’s told the News of the World that the reality of working for glamour model Jordan and former pop star Peter is very different to how it is presented in their television shows.

Becky told the newspaper: “Their life is very different to the one on TV. The reality is she’s selfish and self-centred - and NOT the perfect mum.”

“If viewers had seen what I saw off-camera they’d be astounded. The only thing they do as a family is photoshoots.”

“When she was named Celebrity Mum Of The Year last year, I laughed. Katie boasts that she and Peter take turns to cuddle the children at bedtime and read them a story - but I only saw Katie or Peter put the boys to bed about four times in the 18 months I worked for them.”

“She says she likes to play with the kids, but even when she had a day off she wanted me to look after them.”

“They wanted me to look after the kids even when they were around so he could play in his studio and she could have her beauty treatments. They would shop or go for dinner. Sometimes they would just watch TV.”

“There was no rest. [Katie] would text me at 4am saying, ‘Junior is awake, I would get up but I’m just so tired x.’ I’d have to get up and walk across the grounds to see to him even though his mum was practically next door!”

“They didn’t even ask for references when I got the job. All Peter was worried about was how flexibly I could work.”

But Becky was most alarmed by how they treated their five year old son Harvey. The boy, from Katie’s previous relationship with footballer Dwight Yorke, has septo-optic dysplasia, meaning he is almost entirely blind and has growth issues linked to pituitary hormones.

However, according to Becky, Harvey’s weight problems aren’t all related to his medical condition but Katie didn’t have the patience to encourage him to eat a healthy diet: “He would eat vegetables - you just had to have patience and you had to hide them. I used to give him Bernard Matthews mini kievs and hide green beans inside. She’d seen me doing it but she knew it took patience to get him to eat them.”

“Harvey’s weight problems were due to his condition but she also fed him the wrong things. They would sometimes give him up to 20 packets of raisins a day. In a McDonalds [on one occasion], Peter bought him 20 chicken nuggets and chips and brought them back to the car. Then he and Katie went shopping while Harvey bolted them down.”

“I didn’t want him to eat them but I was not his mum. They went on holiday in America for ten days and he lost nearly a stone when I looked after him. I just gave him healthy food and exercise.”

Harvey was hospitalised twice during Becky’s employment, firstly after badly scalding his legs then after an accident with a mirror: “I believe Harvey needs a full-time carer - but my view is they’re too tight to pay.”

“They must have been ashamed the authorities had to question them about being fit parents. But Katie and Peter were not scared about social services. They think they’re invincible. They think they are great parents.”