Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan has revealed that abandoning unhealthy friendships has been one of the most difficult things about getting (and staying) sober.

After stays at Wonderlands and Promises clinics earlier last year, Lindsay spent two months at the Cirque Lodge rehab facility in Utah over the summer after being arrested for a second DUI offence in less than two months. Aside from the occasional slip-up, Lindsay claims to have been sober since then - but dealing with her former partying friends is hard.

She told Glamour magazine recently: “There are friends that have been hard to hang out with because they’ve gone done a different path… it’s hard because I’m the kind of person who wants to trust everyone.”

“I like having friends around me, but now I’d much rather be at home. That’s not to say I’ll never go to a club again, because I’d be lying.”

“I’m fine being alone during the day, but I hate being alone at night.”

She added that now she doesn’t spend as much time falling out of nightclubs, she fills her extra time writing in her journal and watching television.