Christina AguileraChristina Aguilera has revealed that even though she’s Catholic, she’s bringing up her son Max Liron Bratman in the Jewish faith.

After his birth last month, Max underwent a traditional bris ceremony ten days later and the ceremony was one of Christina’s first introductions to the religion’s customs.

She explained yesterday: “I’m not Jewish, my husband’s Jewish. I never really knew a lot of Jewish people growing up either, so I really had no idea about the bris and all the Jewish holidays. It’s all a learning process for me.”

“It was a very sweet experience - we had a lot of close friends come over and experience the bris with us. [But] we’re such a non-conventional couple, we had a lot of penis balloons everywhere.”

She added that motherhood is “incredible”: “It’s still the first couple of weeks, every week something new happens.”

“It’s constant changing and he’s constantly changing and doing these incredibly cute things - and stinky things.”