Cheryl Cole and Ashley ColeAshley Cole shouldn’t be too hopeful about a reconciliation with wife Cheryl Cole: the Girls Aloud singer reportedly can’t even bring herself to look at him playing football on television, let alone forgive him for his infidelity.

Cheryl fled the couple’s marital home last week after further revelations broke about Ashley’s cheating and is said to be in hiding with one of her closest friends.

A source told the Sun: “Ashley is desperate for Cheryl to come home because he knows the more time she is away with people who hate him, the more she will be turned against him. None of her family or friends want Cheryl to take him back.”

“It’s abundantly clear to her now he can’t be trusted and the truth is she simply doesn’t know how many people he has slept with or paid off.”

Cheryl is said to have told him to stop phoning her because she doesn’t want to talk to him and couldn’t bring herself to watch him playing in England’s friendly football match against Switzerland on Wednesday: “She didn’t watch the match because she still can’t even stand the sight of her husband.”

“Cheryl goes from one extreme emotion to another. One minute she’s hopelessly distraught and in floods of tears, the next she’s furious.”

“It can’t be much fun for Ashley and he’s got no where to turn. Every one is either seriously b*****king him for being so stupid or taking the mickey.”

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