Alex TurnerIt seems like the NME Awards were a little too much for T4 presenter Alexa Chung yesterday: she reportedly ended up vomiting over triple-award winning boyfriend Alex Turner.

Alex’s band Arctic Monkeys picked up awards for Best British Band, Best Track and Best Video at the ceremony but it was all a bit too exciting for Alexa.

An onlooker told the Mirror: “Alex and Alexa were having a cheeky snog by the lifts shortly before he was due to go on stage.”

“It was all getting pretty heated when all of a sudden Alexa began to heave - and was suddenly violently sick.”

“After filming her show for T4 all day, it appears she’d developed a severe bout of food poisoning.”

“Alex was a knight in shining armour though. He insisted on accompanying her to the toilets and holding her hair back as she hurled into the loo.”

“It wasn’t the most romantic of occasions but Alexa looked extremely grateful for his gentle TLC.”