Britney SpearsBritney Spears‘ estranged friend/advisor Sam Lufti is reportedly continuing with his plans to “free” Britney from her dad Jamie Spears’ control

Lufti is said to have been behind lawyer Jon Eardley’s attempts to push Britney’s case to the federal court with the hope that the higher court would overthrow Jamie’s conservatorship of the star - and after that proved unsuccessful, he is now preparing a dossier of evidence to present at the next Los Angeles Superior Court hearing on 17th March.

A source told the News of the World that Sam will argue that his current restraining order - preventing him from getting within 250 yards of the star, her homes and family, or contacting her in any way - is unfair and that she has access to drugs from other visitors.

But his pièce de résistance will be calling Britney to testify herself. He’s quoted as telling a friend: “I am going to call Britney to the stand so she can tell the world how I was helping her. I am innocent. I am Britney’s friend and would never hurt her.”

The source added: “[Sam thinks] Britney feels fit enough to make her own decisions but is overruled by her father.”

His spokesperson Michael Sands said last night: “Sam is a good guy who does not agree with this restraining order. He will fight it all the way.”