Kerry KatonaKerry Katona’s husband Mark Croft has been accused of infidelity just a day after stories broke that the former Atomic Kitten herself had repeatedly used cocaine while pregnant.

A woman, Samantha Riaz, has claimed she had a brief affair with former taxi driver Mark last summer but only found out he was married after the relationship came to an end. However, she told the Sun, his wedding vows - and the fact Kerry is currently heavily pregnant with his child - didn’t stop Mark from calling her again last week.

Samantha told the newspaper that she then asked him directly about his marriage and after initially denying it, she asked specifically about Kerry and he replied: “It’s not like that. She’s alright, but, she’s not my cup of tea. It’s about the money, innit? Forget her.”

Mark is also said to have had a fling with a barmaid shortly before marrying Kerry last February, just weeks before the I’m a Celebrity… star gave birth to their daughter Heidi.

Now pregnant again with her fourth child, the News of the World reported yesterday that Kerry is still using cocaine, smoking menthol cigarette and drinking up to a bottle of wine a day.

A source told the newspaper: “Kerry has been taking cocaine throughout this pregnancy. I know because I have seen her taking it. It is so sad but she is addicted and in denial.”

“She is spending more than £100-a-day on coke. Her friends have tried to tell her the harm she is doing to herself but she just won’t listen.”

The source added that friends and family have tried to warn her about the dangers but she replied: “It’s OK - you can wean the baby off the coke afterwards.”

“It’s only booze that can cause serious damage.”

Kerry’s baby is due in the spring.