Cheryl ColeCheryl Cole may have moved back to her marital home but sources close to the Girls Aloud star claim things still aren’t back to normal between Cheryl and husband Ashley Cole.

A source told the People newspaper that Cheryl is keeping her distance from the Chelsea and England footballer and has asked her live-in mum to be around the house as much as possible: “Cheryl doesn’t want to be alone with him and needs those close to her to be around.”

“The house is huge so she does not have to see much of Ashley, which suits her down to the ground.”

A second source told the Mirror that Cheryl is still barely eating: “”Cheryl’s closest friends are still urging her to eat. She looks painfully thin and her appetite seems to have disappeared.”

But the source added that Ashley isn’t exactly living the wild life at the moment either: “He barely goes out. After training it’s straight home to Cheryl. He is not even taking calls from his closest teammates and other pals so he can focus on Cheryl and prove he is sorry.”

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