Heather MillsHeather Mills has been awarded £24.3million in her divorce from Paul McCartney, before ongoing maintenance and child support payments.

According to initial reports, Heather has been granted a £14million lump sum with an additional £2.5million to buy a home in London and she has been allowed to keep £7.8million of assets already in her possession, which is believed to include several properties bought during their four year marriage.

Both parties attended the Royal Courts of Justice in London this morning to hear presiding judge Justice Bennett’s ruling on the case and Heather was seen smiling as she left the court, telling reporters “glad it’s over” and “it was an incredible result to secure mine and my daughter’s future”.

The final decision came down to Justice Bennett after Paul turned down a proposed agreement at the last minute during their five day court hearing last month. That deal was said to include a £20million lump sum, with an additional £35-40million in ongoing support costs.

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