Lily AllenNot one to hang about, Lily Allen has reportedly already moved in with her new boyfriend.

Lily, who split from Chemical Brothers star Ed Simons in January, is said to have been living with friend-turned-lover Robertson Furze for the last month.

The pair were spotted laughing together near his London home at the weekend and a source close to the pair told the Sun: “Lily has been through a tough time this year. She split from Ed only weeks after they lost their baby and she has been feeling incredibly down about it. Her TV show has been struggling too.”

“She has known Robbie for years and he was there when things went wrong with Ed.”

“She moved in with him a few weeks ago and they have been sharing a bed. It started off innocently but they are doing more than just cuddling now.”

“Robbie and his pals have been doing everything they can to cheer Lil up. It has worked - she is back on great form.”